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Let's make a quest!

Let's get our paws wet with a deep dive into the Editor. In this tutorial, we will be making a small sample module to show off all the important features of the game and editor, to help you get started with creating your own adventures for Finmer!


It may be useful to have another instance of the Editor side-by-side, loaded with the Core module, so that you can more clearly see where your edits would fit, as well as how the game's official content was built.

This guide assumes that you are new to the Editor, and have at least read the 'About Modules' primer. We'll try to introduce concepts as they become relevant. If at any point you'd like to read more detailed info, feel free to browse the asset documentation.

The tutorial is composed of four sections:

  1. An Unassuming Job Notice shows you how to set up a mod that builds on top of the official game.
  2. A Friendly Chat shows you how to build a dialogue tree.
  3. The Campsite shows you how to build a new scene from scratch, with a combat encounter.
  4. Final Touches shows you how to wrap up your quest, and how to customize combat text.

Let's dive in!


This step-by-step tutorial was originally written by Whoreallycares, and edited by Nuntis.