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Creatures are things that can participate in the combat system. Each Creature has Health, stats determining combat effectiveness, and a set of flags that may override combat behavior. While Creatures are generally AI-controlled NPCs, note that the Player is also a Creature.


Creatures are only relevant for the combat system. Dialogue trees with NPCs are built with Scenes instead.


The following properties are available when editing a Creature:

NameThe canonical name of the object, as it appears in the combat sidepanel, e.g. "Bob".
AliasAlternate name of the object, as it is used in dialogue and combat, e.g. "the dingo".
GenderDetermines which pronouns are used. Cosmetic only.
LevelBase level. Determines the XP value of the Creature when defeated.
Size ClassCreatures can only grapple or swallow Creatures of equal or smaller size. In vore checks, if the pred is larger than the prey, they need to win fewer rounds. Player is Medium-sized.
StrengthDetermines number of Attack Dice and Grapple Dice.
AgilityDetermines number of Defense Dice and Struggle Dice.
BodyDetermines number of Health Points and Swallow Dice.
WitsDetermines turn order. Highest Wits goes first.
Behavior OverridesChange the Creature's behavior in combat. See below for details.
Vore SettingsDetermine which vore-related actions this Creature may take. See below for details.
Script TagsDefault set of tags, one per line. For advanced users - to be used with the HasTag() function.
EquipmentSets a number of items the Creature has equipped in combat. The alias of the item in Slot 1 is used to describe the NPC's weapon in combat text; the order does not matter otherwise.
String MappingsRules for replacing string table keys with different ones. This is what you use to implement creature-specific combat text, like for hitting, missing, vore, etc. More on this below.
Asset GUIDUnique ID number of the asset. For advanced users.

Behavior overrides

The following options are available to change a participant's general behavior in combat:

Skip All TurnsNever take any actions in combat.
Cannot be AttackedForbids other Creatures from directly attacking this Creature.
Cannot be GrappledForbids other Creatures from initiating a Grapple with this Creature.
Cannot be VoredForbids other Creatures from swallowing this Creature.
Does Not Give XPWhen defeated, does not award XP.

Predator settings

The following options are available to customize a predator's behavior in combat.


If you turn off 'Digests Prey', swallowed prey will be stuck forever, because in the standard combat system prey cannot escape once swallowed. Therefore, you must manually script a different method for combat to end.

Is PredatorWhether this Creature will attempt to swallow enemies.
Digests PreyWhether swallowed prey will take digestion damage.
Has Disposal SceneIf the player is digested by this Creature, and the player has disposal enabled in the game settings, prints the VORE_DISPOSAL string. (Use String Mappings to customize the text.)
Swallow Defeated PlayerIf player dies and is not swallowed, this Creature immediately swallows the player.
Swallowed When DefeatedIf killed while not swallowed, the player immediately swallows this Creature.

String Mappings

You can configure rules for certain types of combat text to be replaced, when the action involves this Creature. These are called string mappings: when the game intends to use one string, it is instead mapped onto another of your choice. This is, for instance, used to give characters unique vore scenes, or to give their attacks a little more personality.

When you add a string mapping, you can choose when the game should and should not use the rule. The possible options are:

RuleApplies when...
AlwaysIf this creature is involved in the action somehow, this rule always applies.
NPC targets PlayerThe Creature performs the action on the player character, e.g. when the Creature attacks the player.
Player targets CreatureThe Creature is targeted by an action of the player character, e.g. when the player attacks the Creature.
This NPC targets another NPCThis Creature performs the action on another NPC Creature.
This NPC is targeted by another NPCAnother NPC Creature performs the action on this Creature.

Built-in string keys

The following string sets are used by Finmer's combat system, so these are the strings you would usually want to customize. They each come with grammar contexts, too, so you can have the game engine change your text on the fly depending on who it's referring to.

KeyAvailable contextsUsed when
ATTACK_HITattacker, defenderA regular attack deals damage.
ATTACK_MISSattacker, defenderA regular attack was blocked.
ATTACK_CRITattacker, defenderA regular attack dealt 5 or more damage.
GRAPPLE_HITattacker, defenderA new grapple was successfully started.
GRAPPLE_MISSattacker, defenderA grapple attempt was blocked.
GRAPPLE_ESCAPE_HITattacker, defenderattacker broke free from defender's grapple.
GRAPPLE_ESCAPE_MISSattacker, defenderattacker failed to break free from defender's grapple.
KILL_GENERICattacker, defenderdefender lost all HP. attacker is the last Creature to deal damage. Note: this may be the defender themselves, if they died to poison damage.
KILL_DIGESTEDpredator, preyprey lost all HP while swallowed by predator.
VORE_DISPOSALpredator, preyPost-vore disposal scene. Only shown if player has explicit disposal scenes enabled.
TURN_WAITinstigatorCreature skips their turn.
TURN_WAIT_GRAPPLEDinstigatorCreature skips their turn, while being grappled.
TURN_STUNNEDinstigatorCreature is forced to skip their turn due to an item effect.
VORE_WINpredator, preyA swallow attempt was successful.
VORE_LOSEpredator, preyA swallow attempt was blocked.
VORE_EXT_STRUGGLEpredator, preyStruggle action is used, and prey is not the player.
VORE_POV_STRUGGLEpredator, preyStruggle action is used, and prey is the player character.
VORE_POV_DIGESTpredator, preyPlayer character ends turn while swallowed, and predator will digest.
VORE_POV_ENDOpredator, preyPlayer character ends turn while swallowed, and predator is safe.