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Items are anything the player or NPCs can equip, use, or carry in an inventory. They are used for story-relevant quest items, combat-influencing equipment, and shop merchandise.


The following properties are available when editing an Item:

Item NameThe canonical name of the object, as it appears in the inventory screen and shops.
AliasAlternate name of the object, as it is used in dialogue and combat.
TypeGeneric: Not interactive. Useful for quest items and the like.
Equipable: Can be placed in an equip slot and may provide equip effects.
Usable: Can be activated by the player, executing a custom script.
ValuePurchase value of the item. When selling, sale price is half the purchase value. Set to zero to forbid selling.
IconImage representing the item. Must be 32 x 32 pixels, PNG format.
Quest ItemIf ticked, item cannot be discarded or sold.
Flavor TextAdditional lore text shown on item tooltip. Optional, but recommended.
Asset GUIDUnique ID number of the asset. For advanced users.

Equipable items

When the item's Type is set to Equipable, the following additional properties are available:

Equip SlotDetermines in which slot the player must put the item. The player has 1 Weapon slot, 1 Armor slot, and 2 Accessory slots. NPC Creatures do not observe equip slots.
Equip EffectsList of effects that will be applied to the Creature while this item is equipped.

Usable items

When the item's Type is set to Usable, the following additional properties are available:

Item ScriptThe script that is run when the player uses this item.
Use DescriptionInformational text shown in the item tooltip, describing what the item's effects are.
ConsumableIf ticked, item is removed from player inventory after use.
Allow Use in FieldAllow item to be used from the Character Sheet.
Allow Use in BattleAllow item to be used in combat.